You Better Believe It

What do you believe about yourself?

Show me your thoughts and I will pinpoint  the reasons why things are going in the wrong direction or why are you doing so fabulously well.

The thought of the day is this: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (Phillipians 4:8)

These types of thoughts are life-giving and life-altering. These type of thoughts will help you wake up in the morning with pep in your step.

So here’s a trick. Catch each unflattering thought and turn it right side up.

You aren’t clever enough becomes: I am super clever and I can figure this out easily.
You aren’t pretty enough becomes: I am super pretty and I will enjoy myself today and give other people loads of compliments.
You aren’t fun enough: I attract the right people who appreciate me for who I am and I will go out and have a super fun day.

I love the word super. It simply puts the icing on the cake.
I tell myself I am a super woman and I can do it all through Christ who strengthens me. Nothing is impossible.

Many times the closest ones to you, for whom you are so desperate to believe, simply refuse to support you or laugh at your “illusions of grandeur”.
I realized that this void or desire is natural but it will not deter me from my destiny. Some people will never give me what I need and I refuse to stop and wait for their acknowledgement that will never come.

You need to believe in yourself because your Heavenly Father does.

He believed so much in you that He sent His only Son as a sacrifice for you. He thought you were worth it.
Oh, yeah. You better believe it.

I don’t ever want to tell my child, “Hey, pick something practical, shrivel up and die inside, but make sure you do something that makes sense to us, mom and dad”. I want her to dream BIG.
So BIG that perhaps it makes even me uncomfortable. Reach all you can or want.

How many of you were told that you are too sensitive, too stupid, unimaginative, or lack something else and you took that cloak on and actually believed it?

I’ve seen failures in high school that, once they’ve left that arena, they are phenomenally successful in college because they left those fake titles behind. They proved to themselves that this was a lie.

What is your belief system?

Parents are scared to tell their kids that they are talented, super clever and strong and brave. Maybe your parents weren’t like mine, terrified of spoiling the child. But that’s a different generation.
I’d rather overdo it and annoy my kid than under do it and leave her wanting. I want my child to know that I think she is the best in my eyes. No one can compare to her. She’s got what it takes to make me proud.

What will you carry forth? The only way to make a change in the world and in your family (perhaps it’s even harder in the family!) is to start from within yourself.

Say nice and kind things to yourself. Love yourself a little. Hey, have a laugh in the mirror at how silly you are. I’ve done it. Great way to turn your mood around.

Let your children hear you. Let them model you.

Every surly teenager wants to hear that their mom and dad are proud and know that they’ve got what it takes to be successful in your eyes.

Trust me. Thoughts turn into words and actions and become the reality around you.

You better believe it… and then you will see it.

I believe I can fly


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