I Just Want To Be Brave

I just want to be brave.
I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. To me it means to be free to be me.
The bravest thing in this world is to be truly yourself and show that uniqueness to the world.
To not fit in, but stand out. To sing loud. To dance when no one is dancing. To worship God when no one is worshipping. To go out on a limb and look like a fool, but just not caring, because I know and place value on allowing me to be me.
In church, I want to sing louder and not be embarrassed if they think I’m showing off. I just want to praise Him and if the Spirit moves me, hey, I just want to be free to feel it. To truly feel it.
I get embarrassed about raising my arms when no one else is. It is especially hard when the right song comes up and I have to hold back due to my withholding of myself.
This is what you are doing. You are withholding.
You are withholding from yourself. From your family. From the world.
I want to speak up and share my opinion and then not change it with slight alterations according to the audience and how brave I feel that day.

Walk your own path.

I don’t want to be shaken. I know what I say means something to me and it may mean something to you, but even if it doesn’t, I want to respect myself by saying my truth, honorably, kindly and with elegant maturity.

I was that girl that decided to twirl and spin in the forest one day, to just be free…
And when I opened my eyes… I was surprised to see a couple of journeying girls that were that deep in the forest with me.
I tried not to be embarrassed. I thought no one was watching.
When you are not free, you create a lack … there is something missing in this Universe.

And, that’s you.

No one can fill your shoes. Neither can you fill their shoes.
They are uniquely yours and no one can do it better than you.
The society wasn’t brave. It was easier to control a group of the same. It didn’t know how to handle the unique expressions of God. So they minimized God. Made Him small. Un-creative.
We need to un-do this misrepresentation. God is so huge and so diverse and so splendid.
As His masterpiece, can He not express Himself through you?
He gave you skills and abilities that are unique to you. EVERYONE is equipped. EVERYONE has something of value.
When you decide to hide yourself, you decide to hide a spark of God within you.
Don’t do that.

Let yourself be amazed again.



I want to be just like a kid again. To live with the truth and integrity and abandon to being myself. To believe and be curious. 
I want to laugh and smile with joy and be free to be happy. Even if that means just letting myself spin and twirl like I used to as a kid. Letting my hands fly free… feeling the air move around me.
What a lovely recipe for something New. Something New that feels just right for YOU.
People, follow your destiny. They may not believe in you, believe in yourself. Believe in the One that thought you were worth creating.

Let your imagination run free!

Write, dance, create, laugh. You don’t have to do anything well, just do it if you like it. You never know, in that freedom of expression you may find something you are so passionate about, so rightfully yours, that it could move you and bring you to a place where your dreams are coming true.