Focus Driven

This is the year for renewal of passion and drive.

There is a new beginning in the air that is quite contagious in my circles.  

A sense of ‘anything is possible’ is permeating our conversations and expectations. The one seed of advice that I must share today is -one must be focus driven to capitalize on the opportunities presented.

I’ve seen very intelligent people flounder and not realize their goals and dreams because they’ve wasted time on unnecessary things.

It’s not about being busy, it’s about saying no to things or ideas that don’t serve you in your season and focusing on what will get you “there”. I’ve had enough of doing things I am good at. I want to do things I am great at. Let someone else do the things I am good at.

The question arises; what am I great at?

What is the legacy I want to leave for my child? What will I do that will make her proud of me?
What can I do that will give her a step up in her own quest, in her own journey?

We all had dreams when we were children. I remember growing up, thinking that I could do anything, be anything… that the world was my oyster. Sometime after college my feelings were dampened by rains of life and other people’s stories of dreams not coming through, that life is unfair.
But deep within me that dream of greatness remains. I didn’t grow up in a rich home, nor a very happy home, either. Women were second class citizens. All Eve’s fault. Although the Bible states that through Adam sin entered the world. So yeah, judge that, peeps. It was Adam’s fault.

According to my upbringing, I wasn’t meant for greatness, but those feelings just wouldn’t die.
Women weren’t supposed to speak out, but I just couldn’t help it.

Something inside me was telling me otherwise. That spark of God kept reminding me, pleading with me to keep believing.
It no longer pleads with me. It demands that I follow my dreams, run after my passions. Be the best I can be…because I am valuable.

I know, I’ve digressed, went off my focus in this post, but bear with me.
Every word has a place in my story.

Stick with me. What brings you joy? What are your passions? What are your dreams? Those are not just idle thoughts. Enough being “practical”. I’ve heard too much practical counsel. Too much “real talk”. Life is too short. If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough. I always used to say, “Reach for the sun, and you will at least get a few stars”.

I love writing. I may not be the best at it, but my fear of criticism will not stop me. At the end of each piece I derive an immense amount of satisfaction. I’ve set my sights even higher. I want to finish a book. And darn it!, I WILL finish writing that book no matter what comes. I’ve had enough sitting on the sidelines, I am now a full fledged participant in this race.

There are a few more dreams I am working on this year. They scare me. But I will run into the face of fear.

I’ve had to say no to some commitments that were for a good cause but they weren’t developing the greatness in me. I’ve had to make hard decisions that took me away from hanging out with my friends. I’ve had to stay strong and invest in myself. This is the year for culmination of my expectations for myself. This is the year for sticking to a schedule and prioritizing what is the most important for me. This is the year for self-discovery and self-reflection.

This is the year to focus on me.
How can I best serve my purpose and the people around me? What is the big picture?

Make a list of what you want for yourself this year. What is it that you envision?
Break it down into steps and actions that will take you there.
Most importantly!!!!-Keep it simple. One bite at a time. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, you will spit it out eventually.

I want my child to be an achiever of dreams.
How? Through discipline and dedication I will show her how to get “there”.
And hey, don’t forget to pencil in the time for the most important time, time of fun with your family.
It is having fun together that makes the heart grow fonder.