What is the meaning of Passionate Living?

I’m setting out to write a book about passionate living and what it means to me. It’s a journey of self discovery, not only for myself, but also perhaps, for others.

At this moment the definition is vague. I’m not sure I’ve grasped the concept fully. I’ve tried slowing down and gearing up and moving forwards, while clearing out my past. I’ve tried being in the moment, slowly sipping my morning coffee with cream. I’ve tried, and still I’m trying to say yes to opportunities, to ignore the risk and just going for it, while losing my peace.

How do we keep in that tension? How do we stay in that magical, elusive spot called balance?

I think somewhere in there, between the tension of staying and going, there is that moment that may birth passion.

For starters, passion is something that may very well keep you awake at night. Case in point, myself. It is 1:52am and I am still awake. Full of untapped potential and great expectations for what comes next. I cannot sleep, so I must write. Writing makes me feel good. I don’t have much time during the day. My baby and responsibilities keep me busy. I’m also in the process of starting up a business with my friend.

Yes, passion makes you strive for something higher.
Yes, I am a Christian, so I will defer to my Savior for answers. Let’s see what He will let me find out!

Passion is a longing for something greater than oneself. It demands our time and energy but it gives us back the drive to make immense change. To start movements that cannot be stopped. To create waters that will flow and nothing will get in the way.

Flowing water cannot be stopped.

Passion must be fed and not starved, directed, but not stifled. It’s a gentle, fragile mistress that may turn into a lioness in the split of a second, in the split of an atom.

How do we become friends with Passion? Passion takes everything we do to another level, our emotions, our ability to give and receive love. Passion led to destruction but also to the creation of Life.

When we live with Passion, we feel on another level. We experience Life with vibrant abandon.

We are less concerned about trivial things and see and expect wonderful things in our way.

When we live with Passion, we feel fulfilled, because in the process of finding out our Passion, we learn about who we are and who we want to be. We learn about our gifts and what makes us innately happy.

You learn what you were created for.

Let’s take you back to childhood. You loved life. You thought everyone loved you, at one point. By now, you’ve probably forgotten what that feels like.

I am constantly reminded by my daughter, who lives passionately and loves people with sweet freedom, that passion lives within our reach of exploration. She expects outcomes that favor her. She believes that everyone likes her and wants to play with her. She crashes other people’s picnics as if she belongs and because she is confident, in seconds, she is eating right along with the whole lot of them. She sits on benches, next to strangers, walks up to tables in restaurants and climbs up empty seats to enjoy the company of the fresh faces. She’s undeterred. She believes the best.

Maya rejoicing in her day.

Yes, she is a child and you are no longer one.

You know that not everyone likes you, appreciates you and maybe not always things will go your way.
But you, I hope, are mature enough and strong enough to take that dose of reality and be able to surpass all those feelings that arise; insecurity, negativity, failure, lack of something, etc., and power that energy into something else-peace, forgiveness, love, appreciation…

Something happens in that process. You begin to value yourself. Valuing yourself and recognizing that you have something to offer is the first step on this Passionate Living exploration journey. You begin to blossom, become fragrant and energetic and curious about what you have stored up inside of you. Rest assured, there is a lot of beautiful material to work with within each one of us. So, let’s begin this process! Come with me on this journey.

In the meantime, just enjoy this day. Smell your child’s hair. Kiss your spouse. Walk your dog. Simple moments can be full of passion, too. They restore us and spur us towards fresh thinking!
Passionate thinking! Be happy and blessed, my friends!

My precious flower

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