I’m Excited To Wake Up In The Morning!

Have you ever been in that flow of things, some call it the zone, that the time passes quickly, you derive an incredible amount of pleasure from doing whatever you are doing? I’ve been in that mode for weeks now and let me tell you…

(And please share with me if you have been there!)

 My mornings have been followed by nights, at times, where I just couldn’t sleep, as passion for what I was doing consumed me totally. I couldn’t wait to work, create and manifest something spectacular each time. I’ve spent nights or parts of nights, filled with this zapping, excited energy that seemed to pulsate through me.

It got so bad sometimes that I thought perhaps I had an anxiety problem, but it really wasn’t that. I was super happy and super excited.

What I learned quickly is that passion for whatever you do gives you an incredible amount of energy. It is the creation energy that was put out at the very beginning.
God was so pleased, He kept creating day in and day out, until He decided it was time to rest.
If God thought resting was necessary, must be pretty necessary for me as well.

I had to learn to calm my thoughts and channel that energy into the rest of my life, the rest of my day.
I didn’t get there at first. I’ve tried word search puzzles, instrumental music, reading, baths, you name it, trying to slow down my mind as it raced off, creating more and more ideas, so many that I had shelves and shelves of them in my mind.

Maya, in charge of her ride.

Once again, the power of the mind came into play here, at a moment where I thought something must be done as my soul was full of energy and my body was about to crash down, that I realized that I had power and control over this energy. So I took control and made it known, deep within me, that each day I will do the best I can, that I will sleep (most nights) when I want to and have given myself the permission to leave work to the next day. That way I am not spending the night doing, and then walking around like a zombie the next day, with my poor child getting only half or less of me.

So before the night, I tell myself, yes, I am excited about where life is taking me but I have to bottle up this energy and put it away until tomorrow, separate myself from its crackling live static, and pick it up in the morning, from where it was brewing overnight.

When I open up that channel each morning, the passion for life, the zest for my projects, come flooding me with an incredible richness of energy and pep in my step, even if I haven’t had the greatest night, somehow I get renewed.

My dears, find your passions. You will be so happy to be alive each day, participating in that creative process. Go after your dreams. Worst case? You will respect yourself for trying.
Be fearless. Be brave.
Be excited to wake up in the morning!


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