I Choose To Enjoy My Journey

I often find myself so focused on the end result, the destination, that I rush through the process, forgetting to enjoy it, to derive as much value and pleasure out of each moment, connection and even failure.

Of course, I’ve redefined failure to mean something much more palatable for me, a lesson learned, a practice run, a stepping stone in the right direction.

How often all it takes is to shift your perspective.

A few days ago, one lady posted an article that found that sweet spot in me at that particular time.
It mentioned this concept of enjoying the journey. I say, we need to learn to love it.
Most of our lives is spent crawling, walking or running this journey, so we might as well make it our friend.

Anyway, that concept was not new to me. Most self help and self professed gurus have been shouting out this idea from the rooftops of society. Books have been written about it.
But only in that moment it hit home. That thought made a permanent, irreversible mark on my consciousness.

The birds started singing more loudly, the colors have become more crisp, my daughter’s face became more beautiful to me all of a sudden.

I started appreciating my friends more, my new connections and connections that were falling through.

Maya enjoying the crisp Autumn leaves.

I’ve had an epiphany. I came to the source from which stems joy, being like a child. Having a childlike curiosity and doing things just because it seems fun, cool, exciting. Kids don’t care about what happens next, tomorrow, in a year. They enjoy the now.

And right now, I choose to enjoy my journey. I will be happy with every breakthrough, and with every set back, because I also choose to believe that behind every set back is a set up. A set up to something better.

Because I trust God to look after me, like a child trusts the parent, I can easily say, I choose to enjoy my journey.

And yes, it is a choice. So the power to be happy, it really is within your hands… (errr, more like within you:).

Much love to you! And… go out there, twirl, give it a whirl! We are all kids at heart.


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