Wild Flowers

I once picked a bouquet of wild tall reed grass because the blades looked so beautiful, righteous in their upright glory.  I dried them out and placed upon my dresser as decoration.  Over the years I have added bits and pieces of my birthday flowers, my baptism flowers, graduation flowers.  Of each bouquet I picked out the blooms that would last throughout the years and look just as wonderful when preserved.

Today this meaningful bouquet still stands on top of my bedroom dresser, and I can still look at it and remember the years gone by.  Occasionally I would switch up the vase, as the bouquet has evolved from the slender bottle-necked vase and into a mature vessel.  It stands just as proudly as that original day I picked it.

IMG_4174It’s mementos like these that make a house a home… that add warmth and character, charm and wistfulness.  Interior decorating or design isn’t just about what piece of furniture goes with which curtain. Or what paint color would be the most suitable.  Interior decorating is about heart.  It’s about building a comfortable home for your family.  It’s memories and things you love best.

Look around you. Are your rooms lacking your personal touch?  Is there anything you have hidden in your attic that must be proudly displayed?  Are there any family heirlooms that deserve to be showcased on your mantelpiece? Are your children’s masterpieces tucked away, but should be hung on the walls or displayed on the coffee table?

It’s funny how we can ignore the expensive dresser in the bedroom or a valuable set of silverware.  Instead we might focus on the children’s artwork on the fridge or the wedding photos lovingly framed and arranged along the staircase.  We may not pause at the  big chandelier..but we will take a moment to admire the wooden stool your husband carved or the well worn quilt draped across the armchair that your grandmother hand-stitched.  It’s not about the grandeur of things and objects, but rather the simplicity, the love, the memories behind the creations.

When it comes to our homes let’s rejoice in each new day.  Let’s revel in our families, live fully, love strongly and let’s not forget the wild flowers…


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