A Creative Genius Resides Within You

You may have accused yourself of not having a creative bone in your body but that accusation nests far from the truth.
Every one I’ve met so far has the potentially to be creative or thrive creatively on a very high level.

Ok, so why have you not seen that about you? 
Either because you are blinded and have taken your ability for granted or because, unfortunately, you just simply aren’t in the environment that would let you blossom.
For seven years of my life I worked at a company where I just didn’t fit in. I was amidst engineers who talked shop. Who seemed smart. I couldn’t talk much about their gadgets, machinery or product. Because of that I was perceived as less capable than they were.

The worst was… when I would often think that of myself as well.

I couldn’t often be noticeably creative because what creative moments I had weren’t paid attention to, not because they were not appreciating them, but because they simply weren’t seeing them. 
You see, I didn’t speak their language. 
How often I’ve seen immigrants be deemed stupid because of the language barrier!
How often they’ve felt stupid and accepted that thought and made it their own!

Examine your environment. Can you change it?
Times changed. I moved. 

I am now in an environment, propelled by the special burst of courage and energy received through my daughter’s birth, where all of a sudden I feel like I get it. I do and say things that are understood and welcomed. I realized I am actually quite fluent! 

Because of that increase in confidence and belief in self worth, I started to break down my creativity barriers. I realized that the only true barrier, was my own self. My deep-seated, deep-rooted beliefs.
What am I saying? It may not be you, it may truly be the environment.

Be like a child. Everything is so exciting to them! 
If you cannot change jobs or move, find opportunities or hobbies that you enjoy. Surround yourself with people that “get it” and whom you  “get” also.

The stronger you become in standing your ground of self worth, and validated by your own beliefs about yourself, the more freedom you will have to express yourself on all levels.

Creativity begets creativity.

Start somewhere. Just start. Not tomorrow. Today.
Although I constantly harp on this one point, I do it with specific reason, to remind you and drill it down into your subconscious; you cannot deny the world your true self.

We are losing out because of your fears. Fears come from wrong beliefs.

It’s time to turn to the new page.

Fuel that fire. 

Spring is so fresh with promise.
Your day today is filled with promise.
You are our promise.

A promise that our future has hope.
A promise that our future has a future.
Don’t bend under that weight.



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