Behind Every Setback is a Setup

I‘ve had an epiphany overcome me, so strongly and so completely. 
I didn’t see it as a tide coming in over on the horizon. Nor did I hear the roar of thunder letting me know that lightning was coming.
It was such a sudden occurrence, with an impact of a tsunami or a brazen earthquake. It destroyed my previously well established thoughts on life
I used to believe that I had to be brave each time I encountered a setback, to be patient, that things would turn around.
You can build bridges between ideas and thoughts.
I knew that out of the bad, good things may happen as well, but I missed a crucial point, a law of the universe.
Behind every setback is a setup.
Looking back upon my life, I can see where I subconsciously took advantage of the bad times to catapult the energy of the moment into something more productive, more effective and more palatable for me.
Imagine what I would have been able to achieve if I consciously was aware and was seeking out that setup?
Sure, you may be doubting me at this moment, but look at it this way… If you believe that pills are capable of inducing a placebo effect, how much more so would hope!
Even if my point isn’t true, your belief in the truth of my statement would make it true in your life.
Perhaps next time I should write about the effect of faith on the human psyche!
Alright, maybe at this moment you are about to start agreeing with me.
Let me share with you how I came to possess this valuable knowledge.
It started with a series of events that occurred to me over a period of about a month.
Things just weren’t going my way.
I was so upset with a particular person, that they weren’t behaving the way I wanted them to. Ergo, Ego moment.
No matter how I urged them, no matter what I did, I couldn’t control the outcomes of that person.
I was super frustrated.
So I started channeling that energy into something productive, something that made me happy and at the same time was a wonderful creative outlay.
Because of my frustration and pent up energy, my first book was created. Every note that was written came out with passion from every moment that taught me something or inspired me to be a person I wanted to be, someone free, to whom success is accessible no matter what stands in her way.
I was very proud of my book, but things weren’t falling into place the way I could see them in my mind’s eye, so I started looking for ways to control inputs into my life and my outputs, so that I could be at peace, filled with joy and freedom to thrive, not strive.
This is the pivotal moment in my story.
It hit me hard when I realized that my setback was actually a setup which birthed my first book.
Because of this awareness, I started to look for that setup behind my current setback.
That’s how I started my own second company, Pyshnyak Lawrence Publishing. The way I see it, this will be a legacy I will pass on to my wonderful daughter.

Life is full of color and opportunities. 
Soon, more and more ideas and connections started to appear to me and it became clear that the more I began to search for the setups, the more frequently I began to encounter them.
End result? Out of a tempestuous situation, one that drove me crazy because I just couldn’t control it, because of which, if I remained in that state of mind, I felt my success would be minimized greatly, I was squeezed out into a field of freedom.
I am now able to transfer the energy from one platform to another, which suits my temperament and dreams a whole lot better.
I’ve written before how I am excited to wake up in the morning.
Now I am looking forward to every challenge in my way because with my transformational thinking, I know I will end up being better off no matter what happens.
I am not afraid of my future. I am not anxious about what comes next because my mind is so trained to start looking around a problem, or a huge boulder in my way.
It will even find a way to walk through it, no doubt.

If you are a Christian, you already know that for the ones that love Him, everything will be made to work out for our good.
I knew this, but unfortunately, I never truly accepted that truth into my heart, my spirit.
If it weren’t for my very emotional time, a struggle of the soul, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.
I’ve learned a lesson that is more valuable than gold.
A lesson that will not only change my life, but yours as well!
Live well and prosper!


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