Just Listen to Your Body

I’ve known this before but I’ve really internalized this concept only in the last few days. My body talks.

It really does.

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve set out to do my usual HIIT exercises, which work tremendously, by the way. As I was about to whip them out, my body rebelled.

Something that I tend to enjoy so much became so very violently unpleasant to me.

All out of the blue, my body simply screamed, STOP!

I stood there, knowing I couldn’t start.

It was a sudden surprise to me.

After a few minutes, I decided to go along with this temperamental state and asked myself, what would I prefer to do instead? I could hear my inner self telling me that what I truly needed at that moment was a session on the elliptical with my most favorite music.

I haven’t been on the elliptical for many months.

That week, most of my sessions ended up being on the elliptical, my music full blast.

The next week, I started to get the sense that my body was trying to tell me something else.  So I quieted myself and listened.

It quietly told me that it would be very happy with a few yoga sessions.

So I did just that.

And then I started mixing them up.

And here I am. I still no longer have any desire to go back to HIIT, but I have a sense that soon I will be adding something else to my repertoire.

What have I learned? That my body needs a break and variety? Yes, that’s true.

But there’s a much bigger picture here that is hiding behind the veil.

There’s a much deeper mystery within this quite typical story.

I decided to examine my weeks and began to notice a very specific correlation between my mental state and the preferred method of exercise.

So what happened? What happened was this, the day when out of the blue, I could no longer bring myself to perform my favorite exercises, my mind and emotions were so exhausted and so spent that I had no energy left that I could pour out from within.  I no could no longer go all out, nor focus on the steps to be taken. I had a lack within my spirit, soul and body.

Why was I attracted to the elliptical? Because in doing a repetitive task, I didn’t have to think. I could just be. Why did I want my favorite music? Simply because it made me happy.My lack needed to be filled, in this case, exhaustion of the mind and emotion needed to be taken care of. My mind could relax and my emotions could become stimulated to ring out a higher frequency which would bring me out of the doldrums.

After a week or so of this particular treatment, I was finally able to do yoga.

I couldn’t do it before because I was so unprepared to be left with my thoughts, I didn’t want to face them.

During the turbulent, emotional time, the elliptical served its purpose, held me through as I rebuilt myself.

As I became stronger, and mentally fit, I began to crave yoga. I was no longer scared of my thoughts. I actually craved the slowing down and settling into a challenging pose.

I was able to work through my emotions.

Our bodies are so incredible!

They are a wonderful portrayal of what is happening on the inside. They channel the inner being.IMG_4355

I’ve written before how I’ve lost weight simply because I started seeing myself differently and going after my dreams. An inner weight was lifted, which resulted in a clear, physical manifestation.

Listen to your body. Go with it, not against it. It has a wisdom of the ages, an imprint of God.

I am so glad that I did what I did.

My physical expression and the proper response to my body’s needs accelerated the healing of my inner self.

If I rebelled, I don’t think I would be in this space of contentment.

Your body is your friend. It is not the enemy. It loves you. It wants to help you heal, to experience life on an optimum level.

Learn to get along. Treat yourself kindly.

IMG_4345Love your body.  And if you cannot do that just yet, learn to respect what it has done for you already.


~~~ By Olga Pyshnyak-Lawrence, a visionary with a mission


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