You are just a step away from the best of your life!

It is easy to be intimidated by the responsibility of a better tomorrow. You haven’t been there yet, but you know that much more will be required of you. You haven’t seen it yet, but there’s a longing in your heart that seeks that promise, that hope that things will not always be the way they are now.
It is easy to find comfort in the ditch of today’s and yesterday’s, not because you are satisfied with where you are but because of the fear that growth will bring more pain, more labor and more than you can possibly give.
Now, let me stop right here, before I completely put you off from reaching higher.
Don’t worry about having the ability to “make it” when you embark on this vulnerable and often, lonely, journey. It is but a journey, consisting of many smaller journeys and destinations, and eventually it will bring you somewhere you always wanted to be.
There is a little secret, all journeys consist of steps. Small steps. A step at a time. With each step you will stretch enough, grow enough, to accommodate that step.  Don’t be overwhelmed by looking at an expansion of time that consists of one hundred steps, just look at one.
Simple. Easy. Just one.
What can you do today to bring you closer to your destination?
What can you do tomorrow?
Each day, focus on that one step at a time. Once you learn how to walk, perhaps then you can run!
We don’t expect babies to be talking and walking at the ability of an adult. You shouldn’t expect the same.
Now, when you start walking, you will be super tempted to start comparing yourself to others moving along a similar journey. Stop right there. If that type of comparison doesn’t inspire you or provides mentorship, don’t go down that draining route.
I want you to know that everyone you see has struggled to be consistent with that each one step. Everyone had to put in the work. Perhaps now they are running but you aren’t…yet. And that’s OK. Everyone has their own pace, too.
No one is more special than anyone else. We all start off the same. We have to make a choice to stay put or move forward. Everyone has that choice, no matter the background. Let’s not play the victim here, because you aren’t one. You are a victorious creation of God. Now play that part.
So today, write out your vision for your life. Don’t panic, it may change! You aren’t going to be married to that vision forever. Take that as your first step.
What is it that you want? Answer that question to clarify what you are aiming for.
Why do you want it? Answer this one and find your motivator. Whip it out whenever  you start feeling sluggish.
The rest of the questions and answers will follow soon enough, but figure these two out at the onset of your journey.
Throw a party if you want to, get a few people to join you in creating a vision board, plan, etc. The more the merrier. Create an accountability group where you can fuel each other’s passion. But you must recognize that ultimately, the future is in your hands only.
How you make that first move is up to you. How you respond to a countermove is up to you, too. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Do take that first step. You never know what will be behind that door. You may well be pleasantly surprised.
Take the words failure and quit out of your dictionary. Those words are useless. They truly bring no use to life. So if you aren’t using them, start losing them.
Once you take that first step, learn to enjoy the journey! Learn to thrive and grow and keep moving forward. You’ve got this. You’ve got what it takes.

Don’t regret not taking that step. That step may cost you not only the rest of your life, but also the best of your life.

Retreat is not an option.

Nor is defeat.


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