Almost a quarter of a millennium ago people of this country gave a big middle finger to an oppressing power and broke free (well in a nutshell haha) – the change was huge and irrevocable, the sacrifices enormous, but the result was worth EVERY bit of pain!!

I came to this country almost 20 years ago because I felt that here I could truly be free, as a human being, regardless of my gender, age, ethnicity, beliefs. And I was right. Yes, there are social rules, and opinions, and judgement, but they push back in a face of true strength of character and determination. The walls of the spiritual prison are rather fluid. They seem to be there, but they really aren’t. Too much is going on. Too many constant infusions. USA is still a kid, is still growing, and therefore has hope. Happy birthday to the country I now call home! Sometimes you frustrate the crap out of me, but I always feel GRATEFUL!

But back to you my gorgeous warriors, if you haven’t done it already – do it today – give a big middle finger to what society expects of you, to the opinions, expectations, and judgements of others, to your past failures, setbacks, and pain. Break free from depending on others for happiness and validation. Get to know yourself every day, love yourself, validate yourself. Be an independent thinker, speaker, feeler, and doer. Learn from EVERY ONE you meet, and EVERY THING that happens around you. Clean up the crowd of people around you, get rid of toxicity and negativity, build your support net. Simplify your life. Build an unshakeable core that allows you to be vulnerable yet strong and resilient. And this is pretty much how you achieve true FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, get to plug into the UNIVERSAL energy, and have a truly fulfilling life.

This won’t happen overnight – this is a choice and commitment you must make every single day over a period of time, until it just becomes part of who you are. Somewhere along the way you will fall, you will need help, but you will eventually prevail, and be on a completely different level of experiencing life. Guaranteed. Remember, no matter what happens, you have YOURSELF to count on! And me!!! So, make this day count – let today be the anniversary day for your own FREEDOM!



~By Amalia Logunova,  life coach and super mom