There’s Meaning to Your Color Choice

Aren’t you glad your life is in color? I sure am. I can’t imagine a black and white world. It’s amazing how color calms the soul, infuses life, or energizes your body. This phenomenon has led to scientific studies and that’s why we have such a term as “color psychology”. Color psychology is the study of hues as the determinant of human behavior and the impact it has on our feelings and senses.

It’s no mystery that marketing and branding relies heavily on how a certain color or hue affects a customer’s impulse to buy or experience. One may view this as an abuse of that power, but color choices are also important for spas where we go to relax, the amusement parks for fun, and the homes we want to enjoy.IMG_5382

Have you wondered why you are drawn to specific colors or why you even have a favorite color (s)? Upon seeing that particular color there’s something magical that happens in your brain that stirs up your feel-good senses. At other times you can even get an adverse reaction to certain colors… interesting, right?

When it comes to your home, consider what color(s) are right for each room’s function. Allow me to elaborate with the main colors:


Red is often recognized by your brain as powerful, but warm, passionate, stimulating, and energetic. That is why you can often see red in living rooms or entertainment areas. One of the best uses of red would be in areas of high activity or where you would like to raise the energy level. It doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole wall red, but using red in accent chairs, pillows, and various décor is just as effective.


Hues of blue are fantastic for bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s something about blue that conveys that calming and freeing feeling. Blue is meditative, relaxing, and serene. No wonder we stare up at the sky and daydream as children. I myself personally am highly drawn to blues as it also reminds me of the ocean, a place where I feel the most carefree and at peace.


The grass, plants, and trees give green that “earthy” tone. We feel safe and grounded around green. It is also relaxing and is a “feel good” color. It signifies nature and the great expanse of the outdoors. Hues of green are suitable for any room in the house.


Yellow energizes your brain and makes you feel more optimistic. That is why smiley faces are yellow and the sun shines its yellow rays to awaken us to start the day. As the sunshine is life affirming, so is the yellow hue a symbol of cheerfulness and liveliness. This color captures joy and happiness and is a great choice for kitchens, breakfast rooms, and bathrooms as well.


Throughout the ages royalty has worn purple robes due to how expensive it was to dye the fabric that color. So it’s no wonder our brains associate this color with power and royalty. Various hues and tints of purple are considered refined and sophisticated. Purple when used properly can spark creativity and bring depth to a room. Variations of purple can be used to create a luxurious effect in bedrooms and a VIP feeling in dining rooms.


There’s a sweet nature to pink. It’s no wonder this color gives off a feminine flair. It is soothing, gentle, and comforting. We often find little girl rooms in pink, but various hues of pink can also be quite effective in parlors, lounge areas, bedrooms, and dressing rooms.


Orange is the warmest color. It’s sensuous and stimulating, energetic and vibrant, and fun! It is great for exercise rooms or an office. In my area there is a franchise of gyms actually called Orange Theory. I’m thinking they knew what they were doing when they named it.


The earth is brown, so it’s natural for our brain to attribute earthy and “down to earth” traits to this color. There is something reassuring and stabilizing about this color. It also conveys yummy, like chocolate, and a sense of hominess. This color can be very neutral but is also great for capturing the cozy feeling for the den or a natural/rustic look in any room.


Black is sophisticated like the little black dress or elegant like a ball gown. It is also bold and defiant. Black is great for drawing attention to a specific feature of the room and can be used as an accent wall or to “tighten” the space of a large room.
However, be careful, as too much black can be overbearing. But when used properly this color can be very dramatic.


Grey is a special color that is subtle and conservative when it comes to keeping a space fresh and airy. It also has a calming factor and is understated in its elegance, not too bold and neutral enough to tie multiple spaces together in a seamless flow. This color can be combined with whites and neutrals, but it also brings any pop of color to life.


And let’s not forget the color white. It is clean. It is pristine. It is airy… we also see it as pure and serene and crisp. It has the unique power of making any room feel larger. Variations of warmer and cooler tones of white can be used throughout the home. However, be careful. Too much white can make a space feel sterile like a hospital or cold like the North Pole.

It’s not just wall colors but also the color of your furniture and accessories that work together to create that perfect space. It’s also the hue of the draperies and the tint of the polish. The color of the accent pieces, the vignettes, the light fixtures, and the rugs all culminate together to play on your senses. Explore and experiment with the vast array of color choices. Embrace the vibrancy and color of life and keep in mind what human behavior you want to encourage… wink, wink.


by Tatyana Pyshnyak, Voice Interiors


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