Engagements and Services

Special Engagements and Services

Maternal Movement is open to any consulting, book signing and speaking engagements. We are also very interested in collaborating on various community projects. Any opportunity that has the potential to leave this world a little bit better will be seriously considered. Please contact us for an exploratory discussion.

In the meantime, these are our current, regular offerings:

An Hour Of A Difference Initiative

Would you like to be a part of An Hour Of A Difference?

It is a brand new Maternal Movement Initiative that wants to bring our Motivated Mamas together!


This is for both, the mamas that need an hour and the ones that are able to give that hour.

If you are a mama that is overwhelmed and need an hour for yourself, help around the house or just some great company, let us know!

If you are a mama that is able to give that hour either by just hanging out, babysitting or helping with some chores, let us know!

Strictly an hour. Strictly free.

Please contact Maternal Movement for more details!


Mama Group for Athens Pregnancy Center

Maternal Movement leads a class filled with helpful, educational and transformational curriculum while providing a community where every mama belongs and thrives in her authenticity. 20430113_494116620936368_1519801193781945710_n

Held two semesters per year, in the fall and spring, each Friday at 10:00 – 11:30 am.






A Mama In Need Fund

Maternal Movement seeks to make a difference in their sphere of influence, helping everyday mamas and their children thrive, surrounded by a community that loves them, a community where they belong.


We will use the proceeds to take care of the most vulnerable in our community. We understand that a healthy community is born first within a healthy home. Healthy families are the foundation of every city and every country.

In a divisive present, our future has hope as we seek to come together on issues that matter most: parents, children, love and belonging.

Ten percent of the profits from the sale of Face and Body Essentials will go towards this fund!