Motivated Mama

Who is this Motivated Mama? 

Is she the epitome of all our adulthood fantasy, the woman that does it all, got it all, and seems to manage all that so easily as if she’s just breathing air?

Have you seen that woman? Seems a natural at all that she does.

Is she the one that cooks her meals from scratch, like, every time? Is she the one that holds one child by each hand while having the third kid on her chest in a sling? That’s worth gasping out loud!

A Motivated Mama knows that there is something better out there for her and her family, and believes that those great things are within her reach and attainable because she is willing to invest herself with passion and claim her prize.

She is excited about living because it is fun.

She isn’t a victim but a full-fledged player in this game of life. She isn’t scared to fail because she knows there is no such thing. She’s learning and there’s value in every experience.

A Motivated Mama takes care of herself because then she is more ready and able to take care of others. She respects and honors others because she respects and honors herself.

Her voice is valuable and for that reason she is always willing to speak up and reach out.

She is confident in who she is so she is free to give us the best of who she is. She isn’t forced, nor does she wear a mask. She sets goals and lives with abandon. She loves and lets others love her for who she is. A Motivated Mama is true to herself and is mature enough to accept that yes, she too, can be a little bit better, a bit wiser, smarter, braver, etc., and because of that she accepts others for who they are and lets them be true to themselves as well.

She sets others free.

A Motivated Mama lives with passion.

Let’s shift the focus a bit off that mysterious woman and have a closer look at you.

IMG_3217Are you driven by something to have a better something else? For example, are you passionate about exercise so you could be healthy because you want to play around with your children with joy and energy? Are you passionate about gardening because it brings beauty to your home and gives you a sense of accomplishment? Do you devote time to that passion, big or small, from investing ventures to handling a precise calendar of scheduled events? There you go, you are on your way to becoming a motivated mama in that field. You’ve got all that it takes, that ability to want something, go after it and produce results.

There are plenty of women around us to be admired from close and afar. What’s important is that you don’t forget yourself in the process. Give yourself some credit and admiration. Motherhood is the toughest job out there. We know. It is time to shine some light on every mother. We do the best we can and then some.

The Maternal Movement is for all the mothers who either are already motivated mamas, on their way there, or just starting out in that direction. We welcome all mothers and hope to be a resource of love, inspiration and empowerment. Go get them, Mamas!