Living inPassion Series: Creativity, the Spark of Life

How are you feeling today? Fantastic or Blah? If the latter, please don’t feel helpless. There is an easy solution to this lifestyle dilemma: Creativity.

When have you indulged in this, to some-a casual pastime, to others-a reason for living, very basic activity based on our very inner, but universal need to create, to access something a bit greater than ourselves, to give life to something?

If it has been a while… let me tell you, the Blahs may be calling you out to notice this dry patch of desert in your soul. Mindless living is usually one of the best friends of the Blahs. The Blahs attract so many other frenemies as well… such as Carelessness, Frustration, Restlessness, and many more universal figures.

But enough focusing on the B-word. Let’s not allow it to grow in our consciousness!

Allow yourself to gently walk along the stream to Creativity, the Spark of Life. Visualize yourself strolling along one bank of this body of water… It is so peaceful. As you sit down on top of a massive rock, you proceed to throw a few rocks you’ve picked up along the way, into the stream…

Do you feel at peace?

What do you see? How many ripples? How small or great the diameter?

You look up, what do you see on the other side of the stream?

Now, begin to notice your breathing… Has it slowed down? Have you relaxed enough to notice what is nested within your heart? Your inner you?

If you could do anything right now, what would you do? What were your dreams as a child? What are your inner desires?

Receive everything that comes into your mind and heart, gently. Be kind to yourself.

You were created to be different. You are a unique expression of God’s own creativity. You are wonderful.

How do you feel now?

Write down the thoughts that come to mind and open-up your heart to a new beginning, to a new expression of creativity within you.

You are fearless. And if you are afraid, you are courageous enough to overcome what comes your way.

Express your creativity today, from one smallest act to the greatest.

Put up a vase on your table and create an arrangement of flowers from your garden or ask your child to pick you a bouquet of wildflowers. How precious.

Read a book on a topic you were always fascinated by, but were always too busy to indulge in, because it just didn’t seem to apply to your hasty day-to-day routine.

Show yourself enough respect to deem it worthy to treat your mind and heart a little.

Write a simple poem for your loved one. Tell them how sweet they are.

Bake a cake you’ve always thought was a bit too rich for your wallet. Treat yourself and your family.

Creativity doesn’t always mean; go out and buy yourself an easel and paints, grab a few baguettes with cheese, grapes and wine, and dress up like a Parisian.

No, creativity means allowing yourself to believe that you and your family, friends and the world in general, deserve a more expressive, livelier version of yourself and your touch.

You deserve to have a little bit of fun, to play like a child. To dream like it is all possible.

And if you dare, dare to dream big. Every mama has a hidden big dream. And no, our definitions may be different, but the results are extremely similar; a passionate life that is worth living and sharing.

Bring back the Life!

Now go and bake yourself a cookie, grab a book, dance a little, smell a flower or indulge in a bit of expensive coffee…

How creatively can YOU live?


Simply Living


I can’t get enough of the British reality show “Escape to the Country”, a show where families move from the hustle and bustle of modern life in search of the peaceful, idyllic rural landscape. There is something about the green pastures, the historic sites, and the picturesque villages that exudes a relaxed atmosphere and the charms of simple living. Farmhouse sinks and repurposed woodwork, churches and mom and pop businesses make up the day to day. It’s the pleasures of bringing it all back to basics with clean, fresh off the farm eating, fresh air, and family gatherings that are at the heart of country living.

The inconvenient truth is that not all of us have the opportunity to escape into the countryside. But we can all bring a little country into our homes. We can install that farmhouse sink. We can re-finish that old wooden dining table. And we can bring a little rustic to our pillows and throws and blankets, with natural hued cottons and linens. There is something about a passed down rocking chair by the fireplace or a bit of shiplap in the kitchen that I find quite appealing.

Big, open windows invite the sunshine in, so open up those blinds and heavy drapes. Bring some potted plants indoors as well as place some fresh cut flowers in vases throughout your home. Don’t be skimpy on the farm-friendly artwork. Start a decorative plate wall display, or put your china in a rustic cupboard. Hanging pots and pans in the kitchen is another countryside favorite. Get yourself a reading nook, or drape a few patchwork quilts on the arm of your favorite lounger or lay it out at the foot of your bed.

Don’t forget that at the end of the day, not only is your family a priority, but your sanity as well. The sturdiness of cottons and linens can allow for frequent washings, and there’s no such thing as permanent fingerprints on a wooden table. A large farmhouse sink will easily forgive you the load of cups and dishes, and no need to search for a pot or pan when it’s hanging above your head. After all, we are trying to simplify here, and being a mother is not a piece of apple pie!



~ Tatyana Pyshnyak

creative and passionate about interior decorating on a budget