Amazing skincare line and I’ve personally experienced her life coaching…so helpful.

Jamie Talluto

I’m impressed with your products! My skin really looks and feels amazing and I just love the smell of the toner!

Nancy Rose

So a while ago I was given this gift from a dear Client of mine and women power promoter here in Athens Maternal Movement from Olga Pyshnyak-Lawrence. It was this oil and a cleanser and a clay mask with essential oil. She is designing it towards very busy women, mothers always on the go and pregnant women. Life got very stressed for me so one day I looked at my little package and decided to give it a try as I was feeling overwhelmed.
I love this Oil ! (Sweet Relief Oil)
That is what I have been doing when stressed: I take a bath, put that amazing clay mask with essential oils which totally calms me down and truly relaxes my face, then I spread the oil on my belly, shoulders and feet! The feeling of warmth and care to this single hardworking Doula and momma has been SO GREAT!!!
When all I have to give myself is little time to take care of myself this has been so helpful! So I am sharing it forward! I normally don’t do it! But it has been saving my brain 🙂
Totally hooked and so happy you are doing this!

Melissa Biehl 

Must say I am a fan of all of Olga’s products as some have gotten me through my first trimester in pregnancy, by helping me ease my nausea with their aroma. Would definitely recommend Olga’s products to anyone, especially pregnant women. These oils go well with essential oil diffusers as well. 🙂 Very nice to go to sleep with:)

Pollyanna Covileac


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